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21st Century Capitalism

Capitalism has delivered unparalleled prosperity and lifted millions around the globe out of poverty. Yet today, inequality has reached levels not witnessed since the Gilded Age, and the digital revolution threatens to disrupt every aspect of our economic future. With the looming climate crisis, it is now essential for progressives to define the central tenets of a new more sustainable, equitable, inclusive and human model of capitalism, one in which government, business and civil society all have an important role to play.

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Future of Democracy

Liberal democracy is under threat. Authoritarian regimes are rising across the globe, as are political polarization and tribalism at home. The weaponization of social media platforms to spread disinformation and the failure of democratic institutions to adapt to new challenges and changing demographics combine to form a crisis of legitimacy and trust. The time has come for progressives to promote a new democratic settlement, design an agenda for institutional reform, and truly put power back in the hands of the people.

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Identity and Belonging

Britain is becoming an ever more diverse country. Nation and class, which once defined our identity, are increasingly being replaced by other forms of belonging. While we have all the ingredients to be one of the happiest and most harmonious nations in the world, Britain today seems more divided than ever. In response to a divisive populist politics which pits us against one another, progressives must forge a new shared sense of belonging, respectful of diversity, and shape a new approach to citizenship and social cohesion.

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Governance in the Digital Age

Technology is already transforming every aspect of our social and economic existence. This potential should be used to improve how government works and public services are delivered. Applied properly, new technologies will help optimise administrative processes and improve citizens’ experiences, freeing up staff to deliver face-to-face services. Technology can make government more open, accessible and transparent, while data can also help improve policy-making, ensuring it is responsive to the needs of citizens.

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Britain in the World

Britain’s interests have always been global and must remain so, whatever our future relationship with Europe. The world, however, is changing rapidly. The ceaseless rise of China and India and the uncertain role to be played by the United States will reshape global power relations for generations to come. Progressives need to ensure Britain continues to play a global role, using our experience and ingenuity to build global co-operation to tackle climate change, manage mass migration, and defend democracy and the rule of law.

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