Identity and Belonging


Britain is becoming an ever more diverse country. Nation and class, which once defined our identity, are increasingly being replaced by other forms of belonging. While we have all the ingredients to be one of the happiest and most harmonious nations in the world, Britain today seems more divided than ever. In response to a divisive populist politics which pits us against one another, progressives must forge a new shared sense of belonging, respectful of diversity, and shape a new approach to citizenship and social cohesion.  


Our work on Identity and Belonging

To Defeat White Supremacy, We Need an International Effort

Online white supremacist ideology and networks are fundamentally anti-democratic. Democracy’s defenders must work in concert across borders to combat the dangerous ideology writes Karen Kornbluh.

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Diversity – A Worthy Goal Worth Pursuing

Diversity makes us all better off. June Sarpong proposes eight goals to make it happen.

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What Are Progressives For?

A Speech by Chuka Umunna MP at the launch of the 'What are progressives for?' pamphlet.

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After Christchurch: rethinking progressive approaches to diversity and extremism

After the attack in Christchurch on the 15th March, Josie Pagani, Founder of Progress New Zealand, looks at how progressives can change their approach to diversity and extremism.

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Progressive Centre UK/ Opinium Polling

Specially commissioned research shows real appetite for a new party but offers challenge that it would need to be distinctive and not just replicate the existing parties, new research from Opinium shows.

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