Short Reads

The NHS is Labour’s Perfect Weapon

President Trump, secret privatisation, and a health system that is not for sale,  Labour wants an NHS election, writes John McTernan.

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The New Liberal Britain

In thirty years British Social Views have rapidly become more liberal. Here’s how it happened.

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Politicians need a code of honour to stop the country being ripped apart

In times like these we need leaders who tread carefully. In other words; leaders who do not self identify as the Hulk, writes Jennifer Nadel.

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Avoiding the Trap: How not to Respond to Disinformation Campaigns

Responding to disinformation with more disinformation helps the authoritarians, and weakens our democracy, write Laura Rosenberger and Bradley Hanlon.

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PCUK Reviews: The Great Hack

Cambridge Analytica was only a symptom of our Big Tech problem.

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How Digital Disinformation Spreads

Disinformation is not new, but the internet is making it worse, writes Alex Romero, CEO and Founder of Alto Analytics.

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For Labor to Win, We Must Fall Back in Love with Australians

Australians have fallen out love with the ALP. To win, the ALP must fall back in love with Australians, writes Misha Zelinsky.

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Not so Special Anymore

Brexit, not Trump, is the real threat to the 'Special Relationship' writes former State Department Advisor, Max Bergmann.

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Rediscover the Purpose of the Transatlantic Alliance

Britain and America must rediscover the personal roots of their alliance, writes David Clark.

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Progressives Should Learn from Farage to beat him

Progressives need to reclaim the mantle of change, and need a charismatic leader, argues John McTernan.

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