Short Reads

How Digital Disinformation Spreads

Disinformation is not new, but the internet is making it worse, writes Alex Romero, CEO and Founder of Alto Analytics.

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For Labor to Win, We Must Fall Back in Love with Australians

Australians have fallen out love with the ALP. To win, the ALP must fall back in love with Australians, writes Misha Zelinsky.

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Not so Special Anymore

Brexit, not Trump, is the real threat to the 'Special Relationship' writes former State Department Advisor, Max Bergmann.

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Rediscover the Purpose of the Transatlantic Alliance

Britain and America must rediscover the personal roots of their alliance, writes David Clark.

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Progressives Should Learn from Farage to beat him

Progressives need to reclaim the mantle of change, and need a charismatic leader, argues John McTernan.

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A New Political Settlement: Compassion in Politics

To counter the rise of Farage, we need compassion in politics, writes Jennifer Nadel.

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Childhood is Priceless and Silicon Valley can Afford to Protect It

It's time The choice we face as a society, is whether to uphold our commitment to children, or to uphold Big Tech's bottom line –while children to toil the fields of Silicon Valley, writes Baroness Beeban Kidron.

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Progressive Centre UK/ Opinium Polling

Specially commissioned research shows real appetite for a new party but offers challenge that it would need to be distinctive and not just replicate the existing parties, new research from Opinium shows.

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The 1920’s not the 1980’s offers the best historical guide to The Independent Group’s prospects

Professor Steven Fielding argues systemic change to the British party system in the aftermath of the First World War provides a better historical guide to the potential prospects for The Independent Group than a quick comparison to the SDP.

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The Economy and Economics Is Changing, Policy Needs to Change With It

In the first of our Progressive Challenges blogs, Prof. Jason Furman, of the Harvard Kennedy School, draws on his eight years as a senior economic adviser to President Obama to set out the key principles that should shape progressive policymakers’ response to the rapidly changing economy.

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