At the Progressive Centre UK we are particularly conscious of the danger that a post-Brexit Britain turns inward – that’s why we regard it as our key role to connect British progressives with likeminded counterparts across Europe and beyond. We are delighted to already be partnering with Canada 2020Volta in Italy, Terra Nova in France and Progress New Zealand. Already, we are in discussions with other partners from Scandinavia to Australia about future projects. 

Working with Progressive Centre UK

Working in partnership is at the heart of Progressive Centre UK’s mission.  Nobody has a monopoly on the best ideas and the public policy debate is always strengthened by engaging with individuals and organisations who bring a wide range of backgrounds and experience to the discussions. Engaging with foundations, universities, trade unions, businesses and other think tanks enables each of us to tap into new expertise and take our ideas to new audiences.

Supporting our work

Progressive Centre UK is a small start-up initiative, having launched only in early September 2018. Our fundraising is ongoing, and if you’d like to discuss how you can support our work or partner with us on an event, please do get in touch.

Progressive Centre UK is committed to only accepting sponsorship for projects that advance its aims and core values. In line with best practice for thinktanks, we will be publishing an annual list of our donors, supporters and partners at the end of each year of activity. 


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