A National Conversation on a progressive future for Britain

At a pivotal time in politics and for our country, Progressive Centre UK is convening a National Conversation about what a progressive future for Britain means - and how collectively we can make it a reality. With the need for radical new thinking greater than ever, this National Conversation seeks to surface and highlight bold progressive ideas and approaches to address the defining challenges of our time.

The National Conversation is a debate seeking to harness energy and ideas from across the country and beyond. The conversation will draw a wider group of people than ever before into a non-partisan discussion about progressive ideas for modern Britain and engage local citizens together with business leaders, domestic and international policy experts, civil society groups and progressive politicians from across the political spectrum.

Coming together as part of a connected, engaging debate about the future of our country, the conversation will hear the freshest thinking from both home and abroad. Stimulating and gathering new ideas from across the UK as part of a conversation that goes far beyond the usual suspects, we seek to curate a broad range of the brightest ideas and liveliest contributors that will culminate in a national gathering in early autumn.

Across the country we will be convening a series of panel discussions, public meetings and workshops. Sign up to hear more about the conversation and hear about events near you.

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July 01, 2019 at 6:00pm - September 29, 2019

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