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Did Google and Facebook break democracy?

Unchecked, the Internet has led our democracy into crisis. Ben Scott offers a plan to fix it.

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To Defeat White Supremacy, We Need an International Effort

Online white supremacist ideology and networks are fundamentally anti-democratic. Democracy’s defenders must work in concert across borders to combat the dangerous ideology writes Karen Kornbluh.

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A Duty of Care for Technology Companies

Make Big Tech take responsibility for its content, writes Will Perrin, a trustee of Carnegie UK Trust.

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How to Cope with a Changing Economy

Carlotta de Franceschi proposes "a new social contract" as new technologies change the way we work.

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Bring humanity back to business

Companies are made up of people, they should benefit people too, writes Paul Lindley.

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Diversity – A Worthy Goal Worth Pursuing

Diversity makes us all better off. June Sarpong proposes eight goals to make it happen.

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What went wrong in Australia?

Executive Director of Chifley Research Brett Gale explains what went wrong for the ALP, and how the party can bounce back.

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After Christchurch: rethinking progressive approaches to diversity and extremism

After the attack in Christchurch on the 15th March, Josie Pagani, Founder of Progress New Zealand, looks at how progressives can change their approach to diversity and extremism.

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Populist Bubbles Can Be Burst

James Pawluk, of Australia’s McKell Institute explains how, far from allowing them to defeat Labor, Victorian Liberals’ decision to play the politics of hate and division lead to their overwhelming defeat; leaving lessons for progressives everywhere.

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The End of Spanish Exceptionalism

The ‘triple crisis’ that faces Spain’s new progressive government and helps explain a new far right party’s first electoral success, writes Juan Moscoso del Prado.

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