Governance in the Digital Age


Technology is already transforming every aspect of our social and economic existence, so too must this potential be used to improve how government will work and public services are delivered in the future. Applied properly, new technologies will help optimise administrative processes and improve citizens’ experiences of public services, freeing up staff to deliver face-to-face services. Using technology to make government more open, accessible and transparent, we can also facilitate the collection of data to help improve policy-making, ensuring it is responsive to the needs of citizens. 


Our work on Governance in the Digital Age

Avoiding the Trap: How not to Respond to Disinformation Campaigns

Responding to disinformation with more disinformation helps the authoritarians, and weakens our democracy, write Laura Rosenberger and Bradley Hanlon.

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PCUK Reviews: The Great Hack

Cambridge Analytica was only a symptom of our Big Tech problem.

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Did Google and Facebook break democracy?

Unchecked, the Internet has led our democracy into crisis. Ben Scott offers a plan to fix it.

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To Defeat White Supremacy, We Need an International Effort

Online white supremacist ideology and networks are fundamentally anti-democratic. Democracy’s defenders must work in concert across borders to combat the dangerous ideology writes Karen Kornbluh.

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A Duty of Care for Technology Companies

Make Big Tech take responsibility for its content, writes Will Perrin, a trustee of Carnegie UK Trust.

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How Digital Disinformation Spreads

Disinformation is not new, but the internet is making it worse, writes Alex Romero, CEO and Founder of Alto Analytics.

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Childhood is Priceless and Silicon Valley can Afford to Protect It

The choice we face as a society is whether to uphold our commitment to children, or to uphold Big Tech's bottom line –while children to toil the fields of Silicon Valley, writes Baroness Beeban Kidron.

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Progressive Centre UK/ Opinium Polling

Specially commissioned research shows real appetite for a new party but offers challenge that it would need to be distinctive and not just replicate the existing parties, new research from Opinium shows.

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Radical action is needed to fix the distorted digital market

Speech by Tom Watson MP, Labour deputy leader and Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, at Progressive Centre UK's 'Putting Technology to Work for Democracy' event.

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