Future of Democracy


Liberal democracy is under threat. Authoritarian regimes are rising across the globe, as are political polarization and tribalism at home. The weaponization of social media platforms to spread disinformation and the failure of democratic institutions to adapt to new challenges and changing demographics combine to form a crisis of legitimacy and trust. The time has come for progressives to promote a new democratic settlement, design an agenda for institutional reform, and truly put power back in the hands of the people.


Our work on the Future of Democracy

Progressivism in America: An Interview with Amy Dacey

In an exclusive interview, former DNC Chief Executive Amy Dacey explains the state of the Democratic Party, ahead of tonight's first debate.

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A New Political Settlement: Compassion in Politics

To counter the rise of Farage, we need compassion in politics, writes Jennifer Nadel.

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What Are Progressives For?

A Speech by Chuka Umunna MP at the launch of the 'What are progressives for?' pamphlet.

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Progressive Centre UK/ Opinium Polling

Specially commissioned research shows real appetite for a new party but offers challenge that it would need to be distinctive and not just replicate the existing parties, new research from Opinium shows.

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The 1920’s not the 1980’s offers the best historical guide to The Independent Group’s prospects

Professor Steven Fielding argues systemic change to the British party system in the aftermath of the First World War provides a better historical guide to the potential prospects for The Independent Group than a quick comparison to the SDP.

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Populist Bubbles Can Be Burst

James Pawluk, of Australia’s McKell Institute explains how, far from allowing them to defeat Labor, Victorian Liberals’ decision to play the politics of hate and division lead to their overwhelming defeat; leaving lessons for progressives everywhere.

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The End of Spanish Exceptionalism

The ‘triple crisis’ that faces Spain’s new progressive government and helps explain a new far right party’s first electoral success, writes Juan Moscoso del Prado.

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