21st Century Capitalism


Capitalism has delivered unparalleled prosperity and lifted millions around the globe out of poverty. Yet today, inequality has reached levels not witnessed since the Gilded Age, and the digital revolution threatens to disrupt every aspect of our economic future. With the looming climate crisis, it is now essential for progressives to define the central tenets of a new more sustainable, equitable, inclusive and human model of capitalism, one in which government, business and civil society all have an important role to play.


Our work on 21st Century Capitalism

Interview: New Zealand’s Wellbeing Budget

Following our visit to Wellington last year, Progressive Centre had the opportunity to sit down with New Zealand’s Finance Minister Grant Robertson, and discuss New Zealand's first wellbeing budget.  Here’s what he had to say.

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How to Cope with a Changing Economy

Carlotta de Franceschi proposes "a new social contract" as new technologies change the way we work.

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Bring humanity back to business

Companies are made up of people, they should benefit people too, writes Paul Lindley.

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Diversity – A Worthy Goal Worth Pursuing

Diversity makes us all better off. June Sarpong proposes eight goals to make it happen.

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What Are Progressives For?

A Speech by Chuka Umunna MP at the launch of the 'What are progressives for?' pamphlet.

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Progressive Centre UK/ Opinium Polling

Specially commissioned research shows real appetite for a new party but offers challenge that it would need to be distinctive and not just replicate the existing parties, new research from Opinium shows.

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The Economy and Economics Is Changing, Policy Needs to Change With It

In the first of our Progressive Challenges blogs, Prof. Jason Furman, of the Harvard Kennedy School, draws on his eight years as a senior economic adviser to President Obama to set out the key principles that should shape progressive policymakers’ response to the rapidly changing economy.

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